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RepWatchtime - FAQ

Q : I Want to pay with Visa/Mastercard or Paypal, but the page is not directed to Visa/Mastercard or Western Union page, why?
A : I believe you are aware that you are in Replica world. There is no way Paypal can integrate their payment page on replica website. Neither do Visa/Mastercard. They will never do it directly. If you want to pay us with Visa/Mastercard, we will send you a payment link after received your order, please check your inbox or spam box for the payment instruction. 

Q : Can I pay you on arrival ?
A : I am sorry but we can not do COD (Cash On Delivery)!

Q : I am going to visit China next month / I oftenly visit China, Can I meet you and see the stcok and pay?
A : No, you can not ! I am sorry but we do not do off-line business due to replica watch business is a high-risk business.

Q : How long it takes for you to handle my order after payment ? Can you ship it right away?
A : We will need 2-3 business days to handle your order. Sometimes we have overload orders, and we need to do proper Quality Control process for each order. It will takes some time, because not every watches are in a perfect condition. Sometimes we need to return to the factory to replace with a good one. Be patient, and keep in touch. If you are really rushing, I can't process your order.

Q : Can I get the pictures or video before shipping?
A : Yes, we can send you pictures or video of your real product that we going to deliver to you if you have requiry about that.  

Q : Can I deny your pictures if there is something that i don't want to accept?
A : Basically you can. But before that, just communicate with us, request some different angle or any particular parts that you want to zoom in. But again, keep in mind, your tolerant level should be there. Imperfection will always there as these are replica. And i think it is acceptable.

Q : What is the best way to deliver to my country? because I am afraid I will get custom issue.
A : We are experienced shipping to worldwide. If you have some experience sending replica to your country safely, just let us know how you did, and we will just follow. If you don't have experience, we know exactly how to deliver your order safely to your country. Our transhipper is very experience handling this matter. 

Q : What will you declare the package ? 
A : We always declare as "bracelet gift", we can't mislead the declaration or else you won't get anything. If you want us to declare any value (usually for experienced customers) just let us know. But if you don't have experience, let us decide based on our experiences, usually we declare between $15 - $35.

Q : Do you provide tracking number ?
A : Yes 100%. However you need to understand that sometimes we can't give you tracking number right away after we submit your package to the shipper. And when you received the tracking number, sometimes it hasn't showed up any status on the tracker yet, it will need 1-2 days especially when we submit your package on weekend.  

Q : I track my order and seems there is no movement / strange status / clearance even etc. What should I do?
A : DO NOT CALL DHL, EMS or any logistic company related to your shipment for any reasons. Contact us, communicate and just relax. Keep in mind, sometimes we use regular postal office to make it safe, and mostly they are very slow. Do not panic, relax, and call us for any matters. 

Q : Is there any possibility that custom will check my package ?
A : That is their job to check, but again they will only do general random check from million or billion packages they received everyday. Most of the time have no problem, just don't act  to raised their suspicion. Contact us for any matters. 

Q : My package has arrives in my country, but they want me to proofs the price, what should I do ? (Only happen in some country)
A : Simply contact us for this matter, usually they need a price and payment proofs. We will provide invoice of your package with any particular match amount with your package declaration. Do not panic.

Q : I received my order and the movement is not working, Why?
A : First, I wonder if you wind it? Unscrew the crown and turn it clockwise to wind it for about 30-40 times. Second, shake it and see.  Contact us if still have problem.

Q : So what is the solution?
A : We give you 2 options as part of our warranty coverage :

  1. Go to local repair (because it is usually minor issue caused by shakes and some small screw are loose). Find out the price and we will cover the cost if reasonable. This option is usually for someone who doesn't want to wait any longer to send back, repair, and re-deliver. 
  2. Return the watch to us, and we will repair it. Please note that it will takes time. Just be patient to wait until all solved and we can deliver it back. Your return cost is covered by us, you can put it as future discount, or we can refund it to you. There are some requirement on shipping matter :
  • Use EMS, or regular postal office of your area. DO NOT use Fedex or DHL. 
  • Declare as : broken watch to repair with $20-$35 value
  • We will give you return address if you want to choose this option 
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